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Hi, my name is Rohit Menon and I am a software engineer at Rakuten Inc. in Singapore where I work on building software infrastructure and products that are used internally to support Rakuten's various advertisement business platforms and data analytics activities. More detailed and up-to-date info on what I am currently doing can be found on my LinkedIn page below.

Prior to Rakuten, I was a student at Nanyang Technological University from where I received my bachelor's degree in computer science. Before that I received my diploma in electronics from Temasek Polytechnic.

On the web, I tend to use rohitsm as my handle of choice, whenever and wherever it is available. I occasionally blog when I can't fit things into 140 or so characters which I mostly do here. A more recent version of what I do can be found on LinkedIn here. Outside of work, whenever I code, I occasionally share them on Github here.

Email: me@rohitsm.com


LinkedIn:  @rohitsm

Github:  Follow @rohitsm

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