Saturday, August 18, 2012

Getting Flash to run on Tor for Mac

UPDATE: In OS X Mavericks, these steps aren't required. Tor automatically locates and configures the plugins. You only have to enable it in the Settings (see Step 3 below)

Tor, by default does not support third party Firefox plugins such as Flash and Javascript and this makes it difficult to view websites such as YouTube and other sites that require flash. This tutorial aims to address the issue for Tor Browser running on Mac OS X.

We already assume that you have Tor browser installed and running. If you don't have it installed, you can download it from here and follow the installation instructions. 

Step 1: Download and install Flash Player for Mac.

This tutorial uses Adobe Flash Player v11.10 (Download link - here). If you are using Google Chrome, you might see the window below. Click on "Do you have a different browser or operating system?"

At the next window, choose the appropriate version of 'Mac OS X' as the operating system in Step 1 and 'Flash Player 11 for Mac' in Step 2. 

After downloading the .dmg package, install it as usual by running the Adobe installer from the package.  

Step 2: Copy the two required files

Once the installation completes, navigate to the following path:
Applications/Install Adobe Flash Flash Player.pkg/Contents/Library. 

From the Library folder copy the two files: 

1. Flash Player.plugin.lzma 
2. flashplayer.xpt  

Paste these two files in the extensions folder of the Tor Browser (Firefox) at the following location: /Applications/ Support/Firefox/Profiles/profile/extensions

Step 3: Restart Tor Browser and enable Add-ons

Restart the Tor Browser and open the Add-ons Manager at Tools->Add-ons and enable the Shockwave Flash add-on. 

Now, the Tor Browser is ready to use and supports websites that require flash player. 

Note: You may have to repeat Step 3 everytime the Tor Browser is started.